The Long Version

I am Peter Mortensen born in 1976 and a happy family father with a passion for physical activity.

Growing up among fishermen, tradesmen and farmers at the Danish west coast where strength and courage was highly respected – my training started at early age! As a kid I played lots of different sports like the other kids. But I also started structured physical training with running and heaps of push ups and pull ups as far back as I remember. At ten years of age I was allowed to join the local jiu jitsu club (martial art) and I was obsessed with that for years! Reading about Bruce Lee, making my own sand bags, a speed ball from a power twister bar, ninja stars and other weapons and practicing techniques on my poor mother!

I have a master degree in sport physiology (MSc) and I am a physiotherapist. I have been a strength and conditioning coach for several elite athletes in different sports and worked with strength testing and guidance of Danish Olympic athletes at the Danish Elite Sport institution – Team Denmark.

The greatest satisfaction has been working as the strength and conditioning for The Danish Olympic Sailing Team from 2006-2012 – having the honour of training some of the best sailors in the world, many of them winning medals to The Worlds and The Olympics.

Lene Sommer & Henriette Kock – photo: Mick Anderson for Danish Sail Association

The later years I have primarily worked with research and practical training in the field of work-related musculoskeletal pain. Today I am employed at Novozymes A/S where I do strength training and exercise therapy with the employees. My best job ever! Thanks to all my friends and colleagues through time – you gave me good times and learned me a lot.

At 20 I did my first one arm pull up and after that I started climbing which became my new passion. Climbing has brought me on several unforgettable journeys – both physically and mentally. For me climbing is one of the most fascinating sports because of the multiple physical and mental requirements. With strength as my primary ability it took me several years to finally realize and accept that strength alone is not enough to succeedJ! Since no moves are ever completely the same and the margin for error in hard moves is extremely low – improving is a challenge that goes on forever. In competition my best result is a 12th place in the Nordic Bouldering Championships in 2009.

Peter Mortensen at Danish Boulder Cup 2008 – photo: Martin Paldan

In year 2000 I won the unofficial National Championships in bar dipping (dips). A little fun for me and my climbing partner Benjamin Viberg who placed 2nd.

Peter Mortensen – photo from: Bodyfit10, nr.2, 2000 – DBFF

In 2004 I placed 2nd in the National Armwrestling Championships in the -100 kg class (weighing 68 kg). Honostly – never having competed in armwrestling other places than bars – I was just happy not to have my arm ripped off.

 Peter “Mut” Mortensen and Tomas “Store” Thormann

Finally I will mention my good friend David Koch Mouritzen because of our foundation of Evolutionrace (2005-2011) – a race with 10 kilometers run and 10 bad ass disciplines from 90 kg stone lifting to several rope climbs and cold water swimming. I have often used these training facilities and principles for the Olympic Sailors. Check it out:

Evolution Race from Rasmus Præstiin on Vimeo.

A special thank to Benjamin Viberg – the best friend and climbing partner you will ever get. Thanks for your guidance and support and for all the adventures – from climbing buildings at night high above barking police dogs to cleaning stairs to earn for the next climbing tripJ

And then of course – thanks to my 3 super kids and my lovely wife for keeping me above sea level in rough waters and for making me the person I am today.

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